Left Brain

It's All in the Details

I’ve been known to get excited about spreadsheets and pivot tables. All joking aside (and I’m only half joking here), big ideas without the plan to execute them are (in my opinion) nothing more than, well, nothing.

Here are some of the ways I can dig into the details and get all nerdy because nerdy is in, right? I’ll just keep telling myself that.

  • Strategic campaign planning. When it comes to public relations and marketing, there has to be a strategy otherwise your time, money, and efforts will likely fall flat. A campaign can and most likely will include multiple components including: news media blitzes, social media, crisis communications, internal communications, preparation for on-camera interviews, public speaking, press events, and more.  It is the big picture meets the intricate details while making sure your message and your brand is always on point.
  • Media relations.  Media relations goes well beyond e-mailing a press release. There is a lot of building that takes place: building media lists, building relationships, and building pitches. It’s about who you know, how well you know them, and why they should know you.
  • Social media strategies. Social media is way more than Facebook status updates and Instagram pics.  Love it or hate it, social media is all about engaging with your audience and if you want to be a part of the conversation, you need to be on it AND with a plan. What message are you sending them? What are they saying back? And most importantly, are you listening?
  • Writing/Editing in Associated Press Style.
  • Research. I have written from topics ranging from retirement planning and Medicaid to surviving cancer and innovative housing options for post-earthquake Haiti. How? RESEARCH. As my high school yearbook advisor once told me, “Get the facts first, but first, get the facts right.”