Right Brain

The story starts with U

I like to tell stories. And what’s so fun about technology today is there are so many ways to tell them. And everyone’s got one. Even your business. And they all start with one thing: understanding. Understanding the message you want to share, understanding your audience, and understanding the person, product, or organization behind the story. Whether it’s interviewing and writing your business profile, ghostwriting a book for your client, or designing your company’s annual report, one of my favorite parts about this job is using creativity to share your story. I’ve even designed and sewn handmade custom logo ornaments to brand a company’s Christmas trees for their holiday party. It’s thinking outside the box, or in some cases, outside the computer.

It’s all about the idea. And it’s all about you.

  • Versatile writing styles including: journalistic, editorial, inspirational, corporate, and technical. Writing is my strength and my outlet. Whether it’s a press release for an organization’s milestone, or a touching story to share with donors the work you are doing, being able to write in a variety of styles and capture your brand’s voice is a must.
  • Creative direction. It is important to stand out especially in today’s competitive world of the ever-evolving news feed. There are so many good ideas out there and your brand is one of them, but is it getting lost? Get into a brainstorm with me and let the creative juices flow.
  • Print design. With a background in graphic design as well as connections to talented graphic designers and artists, I help clients not just tell who they are, but show it, too. From annual reports to marketing pieces, I work with clients to make sure their printed pieces are an extension of who they are as a brand.
  • Unique custom designed and branded corporate gifts. So, I like to sew. And as odd as it may seem, it has been a valuable skill used with clients when it comes to providing that one-of-a-kind gift or promotional item. Christmas tree ornaments, donor gifts, or staff recognition–it’s the little things that oftentimes make the biggest impact.